• Power factor correction:

    Panel type: LV stand up

    Degree of protection (IP): IP 42, foreign solids with a diameter of 1.0 mm or more If the chamber is tilted up to 15 ° from normal, vertical dripping of water will not have a detrimental effect.

    Specifications of the panels: The panel does not have equipment cover. It has a gland plate (suitable for input cables). The map pockets are located in the inner part of the panel door


    Color roll: 7032

   Specifications                                                                               Description                                                                                                                                                                                        
 1 Type of Panel LV STANDing
 2  IP IP 42
3 Panel specifications  The panel has no equipment cover
 It has a gland plate(Fits customer input and output cables)
The map pocket is located on the inside of the panel door
The body of the panel includes earrings(For wall mounting)
 4 (IN)I 160A
 5  (IN)V 380 volts three phase
 6 accessories Has a smart regulator and ...
 7 Dimensions
 8 COLOR 7032