Tabesh Tablou Shargh

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TabeshTablou Shargh Industrial Company has been established in 1990 and has started its activities in the field of manufacturing electrical panels (measurement and measurement). Compact prefabricated post as well as various types of low pressure and international panels in the field of supplying the equipment needed in the country's electricity industry is operating as a pioneer group and with the company's domestic business facilities with a history of more than three decades of activity, regarding Airport projects, power plants, civil engineering and road construction, hospitals, oil and gas fields, petrochemicals, housing and distribution companies in provinces across the country have shone.

products :

The products of Tabesh Tablou Shargh Company include:
1- Types of low pressure panels, wall and standing
2- Distribution boards include: measurement boards and general boards From shunts, subtrans, shrines and maneuvers, etc., boards Industrial and control in construction industrial projects
3-AIS compact medium pressure switchboards and traditional compact prefabricated post (kiosk) of this company, by obtaining all the necessary approvals from various authorities and passing the relevant type tests, in the distribution company throughout the provinces of the country and the required posts related to industrial centers Oil, power plant, airport, civil engineering and road construction, hospital and residential activities. Increasing the quality level and improving the competitiveness of products at the level of domestic and international competitors, Eurasian and Middle Eastern countries, as well as providing appropriate services to customers, allows them to ensure their business relationship with the collection.
Tabesh Tabloo Shargh Company is currently a member of the Association of Electrical Panel Manufacturers Association, Syndicate of Electricity Industry Approved by Tavanir Standards and Distribution Companies, as well as holder of long list of oil, gas and petrochemical (AVL) list, which produces the mentioned products: Control and protection panels, measurement; power supply, capacitive bank, monitoring, compact and sliding posts and has launched and implemented numerous projects in various fields.