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Compact posts

Compact substation is one of the types of electricity distribution substations that when it is not possible to provide suitable land for creating ground substations. To distribute electricity in the area for a 20 kV network, a compact substation is used and installed in an open environment. In fact, it can be said that a compact post is a prefabricated environment that is easily portable and has the least amount of construction. On the other hand, it does not require much time to install and size and it can be operated with complete safety. In general, the post-compact building has a suitable foundation with a metal frame structure, and the whole body and doors are made of metal sheet. Low pressure switchboard of this structure is set up with equipments such as three-cell switchboard, transformer and other accessories. This type of substation can be used in light and heavy industries, power and wind power plants and medium and low voltage power distribution networks.