:Company goals and prospects

  • quality and competitivenee
    Having enough equipment to perform all the tests defined according to the IEC standard, Tabosh Tablo Sharq is approved and guaranteed by the Ministry of Energy and electricity distribution companies
    The company's strategy is to increase the quality level and improve the competitiveness of the products at the level of domestic and international competitors and provide suitable services, and it allows customers to get the necessary assurance of their business relationship with this group

:Research and development of new products of the company

  • creating values 
    The research and development of the company's new products is focused on products that add value and competitive advantage to customers, and innovation, continuous improvement and ultimately customer trust, enable us to compete with other domestic manufacturers. And has been foreign, and despite the variety of products, it is possible for the company to participate in all power plant projects, distribution, industrial, residential, as
    well as oil and gas projects
    One of the goals and perspectives of this collection is to improve the quality and satisfy the needs and satisfaction of the customers, and with such an approach, it has prepared its products with the efficiency of engineering methods, as well as the use of well-equipped CNC machines and experienced personnel. .