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    The road to success is alwaysbeing built, success is progress, not the end. Man is made of his own thoughts , tomorrow will be what he thinks today . The more serious and difficult the obstacles, the greater the joy of effort and victory . Focus is the first condition for success. Concentration means directing all forces to one pointIt is better to instill the culture and spirit of teamwork in your organizationDiscover your strengths / weaknessesAsk employees if they encounter a problem and provide some appropriate solutions while announcing that problem. Employees are the most important assets of the company. Everything that is done is worth doing well .The greatest poison of teamwork is selfishness and selfishness . teamwork, management commitment and teamwork are the most important factors in productivity development . the purpose of this company is to supply and develop the products needed by customers and to improve the quality of the product and export it to neighboring countries and increase the knowledge of personnel with different courses and classes in the field of panel making and direct import of raw materials and after sales services. Company personnel who are the assets of the company . In the context of ongoing self-improvement programs and organizations, organizations should have both to study and evaluate the environment and to discover suitable opportunities . In a business environment, there are only success factors that play a key role in creating value for the customer. Something that its use will create a lot of attraction and desirability for the customer.Finally, discovering a latent need means discovering a new opportunity, and this concept is the basis of business innovation