applications :

This company has a strong and experienced technical and engineering staff using the latest specialized design and calculation software as well as CNC punching machines. , Break press machinesElectrostatic paint line system،The pneumatic system with the relevant equipment, welding nut machines, rivet nut machines and laboratory equipment designs and offers its products in accordance with international standards and competitive with world-renowned manufacturers.

 quality guarantee :

Supervision and monitoring of the number of preventive corrective action registration requests, increase and improvement of monitoring and measurement criteria appropriate to the work, calculation of the percentage of discrepancies observed in the internal audit are some of the items that are effective in quality assurance

Planning and development of human resources of this company in line with the company's policies by creating a cycle of manpower recruitment and training helps a lot to increase executive and technical capabilities, as well as accuracy in manpower recruitment and planning to improve the skills of high share personnel Participates in quantitative and qualitative growth.

 certificates :

 By creating management systems, this company succeeded in obtaining 1- ISO certification (ISO 9001: 2008-11-15) 2- ISO certification (ISO 14001: 2004-11-15) 3- Confirmation from Tavanir company 4- Confirmation from distribution company Tehran Electricity 5- Member of the Iranian Panel Manufacturers Association 6- Has become a member of the Iranian Electricity Industry Syndicate.

Products :


 TABESH Tablou Shargh Industrial Company has a variety of products, the main of which are: 1- Kiosk (compact post) 2- Medium pressure panels 3- Low pressure panels 4- Distribution and maneuver panels (counters) 5- Operator and monitoring panels 6- Branch panels 7. Protection and control panels 8. Measurement panels