تابلو کنترل(M.C.C.P):

  1. Control panel is tasked with data collection and processing. The result of processing trend of these data may be in analog or digital form and they may be utilized for controlling of production lines and or montage of industrial units. Nowadays, the control-panels have been replaced with the imported panels using automation so that they are not widely used sue to limitation of application and cabling. One may refer to PLC and HMI as main elements of this panel. PLCs are programmable equipment which is used for sending and receiving different commands to the operations need to high control and precision. HMI also denotes Human-Machine Interface. Namely, the given data may be entered the system by means of a programmable monitor.
    The advantages of control panel: 1- High speed; 2- Logical capability and high programmability; 3- High reliability and conducting of stable operation because of cabling system; 4- Ease of repairs and easy and fast troubleshooting; 5- Remote controllability via smart phones; 6- User replacement by the aid of programming without need to replacement of hardware etc

Control (PLC-BMS) Name of panel 1
Standing- wall mounted Model of panel  2
  Nominal voltage 3
50Hz Nominal frequency 4
12V DC-24V DC-220V AC Control voltage 5
IP42-IP54 as per IEC60258 Standard Protection degree 6
IEC61438 Production standard 7
Down-Up Access to input and output cable 8
One-way- Bidirectional Panel access 9
* Lighting 10
* Fan for ventilation 11
Depending on requirement for changeability and production Dimensions of panel  12
RAL7032-7035 Color 13