PLC control panels

PLC control panels designed to resist vibration, moisture and noise.
 Communication of input and output modules based on defined interface.
 Ease of programming and learning a programming language.
It has a fast processor and flexibility in changing logic due to the softness of the structure.
Reliable due to the lack of moving parts.
Low power consumption.
Easy maintenance due to modular assembly.
Features for error detection and detection.
Ability to manage logical operations.
Easy communication with processing computers.
Analog signal control and closed loop control programming.
Ease of timer and comparator counter programming.
The control panel consists of a controller, which may be DCS, PLC or relay. The controller sends a digital input signal to the panel to start the motor.
From small input / output programs to complex systems, everything is provided by the company's control systems engineers. Control systems engineers use HMI-based panels and PPCs for various messages to the operator and control of industrial processes.

Specifications Description
1 Type of board     Extensible standing
2 Degree of protection(IP)             Ip 42
      Specifications of boards   

 The panel has a equipment cover   
 Has a gland plate at the bottom of the panel to enter and exit the cables           
 Has a gland plate at the bottom of the panel to enter and exit the cables
 All cells have proper lighting and ventilation system
4  I(IN)  400 A
5  V(IN)  380 volts three phase
6  Specifications of boards  Equipped with voltage, current, 24-channel PLC measuring devices with display ...
7  Dimensions  2100mm*2000*700
8  Color  7032