Normal, emergency low pressure switch, UPS:

  • Normal, Emergency, UPS


    Panel type:standing


    Characteristics of the boards: The board has a cover. It has a gland plate (suitable for the customer's input and output cables). The map pockets are located inside the door of the boards.




    Color roll: 7032



   Specifications                                                                               Description                                                                                                                                                                                        
 1 Type of Panel standing
 2  IP IP54
3 Panel specifications  The panel has a equipment cover
Has a gland plate (suitable for customer input and output cables)
The map pockets are located on the inside of the panel door
The body of the panels includes earrings (for wall mounting)
 4 (IN)I 63 amp compact switch for city and miniature switch 32 for generator and 25 amp miniature switch for UPS
 5  (IN)V 380 volts three phase
 6 accessories No measuring equipment
 7 Dimensions
 8 COLOR  7032