BMS Low Pressure Panel:

  •  BMS

    Panel type: wall

    Degree of protection (IP): IP 42. Protected against the intrusion of dust, foreign solids with a diameter of 1.0 mm or more, if the chamber is tilted to 15 ° from normal, vertical dripping of water does not have a detrimental effect.

    Specifications of the panels: The panel has an equipment cover. It has a slot in the lower part of the panel for the entry and exit of cables. The pocket of the maps are located in the inner part of the panel door.

    Color roll: 7032

   Specifications                                                                               Description                                                                                                                                                                                        
 1 Type of Panel Wall
 2  IP IP42
3 Panel specifications  The panel has a equipment cover
It has a slot in the lower part of the panel to enter and exit the cables
The map pockets are located on the inside of the panel door
The body of the paintings includes earrings
(For installation on the wall
 4 (IN)I 80A
 5  (IN)V 380 volts three phase
 6 accessories Equipped with devices for measuring voltage, current, control modules and ...
 7 Dimensions
 8 COLOR 7032